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Ben Simmons has shown this season that he can be a big star in the NBA. He's already winning off the court with a stunning girlfriend.

One of the most interesting names to come out of college in 2016 was Ben Simmons. He didn't play for the big time schools such as Kentucky, North Carolina, or Duke. He went to LSU and put up big numbers. He averaged 19 points, 12 rebounds and five assists per game. He was highly coveted and then taken number one overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2016 NBA Draft. Unfortunately, he suffered a horrible leg injury that cost him his initial rookie season. He is now back with the 76ers this season and things are starting to look up. They are trusting the process in Philadelphia this season with Simmons in the fold alongside players like Joel Embiid, J.J. Redick, Robert Covington, and Markelle Fultz (when he's healthy). Besides being an explosive force and underrated passer, Ben Simmons also has a good-looking girlfriend by the name of Dylan Gonzalez.

Ben Simmons sure knows how to pick winners when it comes to having a girlfriend. Gonzalez is beautiful and also knows a thing or two about the game of basketball, considering she has played in the past. She is also a supposed rapper and current model, so Gonzalez knows how to look good in a photo shoot for the cameras. It sometimes can be hard to find a good woman when playing in the NBA. But Simmons seems to have found a good one for the time being. With all of this in mind, let's take a look at 15 photos of Ben Simmons girlfriend, Dylan Gonzalez, that would drive him crazy.

15 Big City Dreaming

The first photo comes in the form of Gonzalez leaning back and taking in the sights. Gonzalez definitely has done a lot so far in her young life such as play Division I Women's college basketball at the University of Las Vegas Nevada and get her college degree while playing ball. So, she probably figured she deserved some time to rest, recover, and take in the sights.

Her gray top shows off just the slightest bit of her abs while her ripped jeans at the knees shows she likes more than just wearing basketball shorts. Her sandal selection also shows she has her own style which probably makes Ben even more impressed. She could be thinking about what Ben was doing at that moment. But Ben is probably thinking how lucky he is to be dating Gonzalez, and this is only the beginning.

14 Ready to Go Out for the Night

Ben Simmons is continuously going through the demands of being an NBA player. With all of the practices, film studies, and traveling that he does, he needs a break every once in a while. Considering he has a beautiful girlfriend in Dylan Gonzalez, they are both going to want to go out and enjoy each other's company. That is where this photo comes into play as it is sure to get Ben's head spinning.

Gonzalez is bare-footed while wearing a beige dress. The dress does a great job of showing how nice of a body Gonzalez has considering she played Division I basketball and now models. She also has a good sense of humor as she mentions in her post how she would rather be drinking tea, which she is holding in her right hand, and watching a good Netflix series. Whether it is Netflix or going out, a photo like this is exactly what Ben Simmons likes to see.

13 The Athletic Look is Good Too

This next photo shows that Dylan Gonzalez is not all about getting dressed up and ready to go out every weekend. This one gives us the opposite perspective and shows us how she can make anything look good. We always have to remember that Gonzalez is used to being in athletic clothes. So why not show off a photo that gives us a sense of what she looks like in athletic gear?

She once again shows her in shape figure with her Nike gear from her white top to her black sports bra and spandex. This is definitely a photo Ben would like considering he is used to being around athletic personalities on and off the court. Sure, Gonzalez can model a dress or a bathing suit with ease. But to be able to make sports gear look fashionable can be tough at times and she does a great job showing it can be done.

12 She Definitely Works Out

Being a Division I athlete, you have to be in the best shape you can imagine. Especially in basketball, with a season going from October to potentially March, you have to have your body ready. Dylan Gonzalez proves to us that she didn't waste her time just partying and messing around at UNLV. She is in really good shape and it shows how dedicated she is.

Here we see Gonzalez looking at the camera in some steamy sports gear. She gives a look into the camera that could say something along the lines of, "I remember all of the crunches and suicides we had to do." Well, those crunches definitely paid off as she shows off having abs that a lot of us dream of having. Ben must love this because he can have a girl to go running with and workout with that can keep up with him and not lag behind.

11 Could She be a Spice Girl?

The Spice Girls were a popular all girl band throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s. They made their way to the top with their voices and their looks. So, a lot of people had something to like about the music group. Dylan Gonzalez isn't a Spice Girl, we know that for sure. But this next photo from her Instagram gives us a fun perspective of what it might be like for her to be in with the group.

She once again looks to be rocking the athletic look with her white t-shirt and pink sports bra clearly showing underneath. She also wears grey yoga pants, white sneakers, and has her abs showing once again. She jokingly calls herself "Dyl" as a spice which shows she can have some fun with herself. Simmons must be glad that not only is his girlfriend beautiful, but she also has a good personality as well.

10 That Birthday Look

And it's not even her birthday...or is it? That seems to be the case in this next photo of Dylan Gonzalez. We showed in her last photo that she can have some fun with her own Instagram photos. She seems to be doing the same thing in this photo while she is looking very good doing so. She does model, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she makes anything look good.

She has a white American Eagle shirt on while showing off her midsection yet again. She once again shows off her ripped jeans and has the boots to match. It makes sense that Ben Simmons got a girl that can do it all. After all, he did have a hard first year in the NBA. He certainly didn't need anymore headaches, which he doesn't have with Gonzalez.

9 She Doesn't Look That Exhausted

Have you ever just had a day where you are so comfortable in your bed underneath your blankets that you don't want to get up? Now, have you ever been so exhausted that you cannot wait to go to sleep? We have all been through that, and Dylan Gonzalez is no exception. She demonstrates how exhausted she is in her next Instagram post, and Ben probably cannot believe how good she looks even when she looks like she is ready for bed.

Dylan Gonzalez looks like she is definitely ready to hit the hay here. But even so, her hair looks amazing and she looks really good. Imagine Ben Simmons thinking to himself that this is a girl he could potentially end up sleeping next to every single night. He can win games for the 76ers then come home to Gonzalez. That isn't a bad life for him to live.

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8 Wonder Who Would Win One on One

While it looks like she is promoting one of her new songs, which is acceptable considering she is also a rapper, we have to remember she was also a phenomenal basketball player. You don't just play at UNLV if you are just an average player. She shows in her next photo what her passion in college truly was.

Playing at UNLV must be something that Ben Simmons sees and nods his head in approval. He also must be driven crazy by the fact that she can ball up anytime the two of them might want to. Who would win one on one though? Sure, Simmons has the size and length. But Gonzalez has the heart and probably the speed to blow by her beau. Whatever the case may be in their one on one matchup, it is good for Simmons to know he can practice his jump shot with his girlfriend and she wouldn't have a problem joining him.

7 Ready for a Romantic Night

Think about two basketball players dating. They can go down to the local park, play some one on one, and enjoy each other's company. But what about after the game is over? Well, after that, they can go out for a romantic meal or maybe even have a movie night. Dylan Gonzalez just traded her basketball sneakers for a nice dress as she makes the switch from the last photo we showed you to this one.

Gonzalez is seen wearing a green, flowing dress with her hair done up next to a pond of some sort. It definitely isn't a restaurant or a movie, but maybe Gonzalez and Simmons took a nice stroll after their date. It definitely would drive Simmons and anyone else crazy that Gonzalez can quickly flip the switch from athletic clothes to a dress and still maintain her beauty.

6 She Can Do It All

Besides playing basketball, Dylan Gonzalez has to have some other way of keeping herself in tip top shape so she doesn't lose her strength or stamina. We have seen her sporting athletic gear in previous photos, but this one gives us a sense of what she can do off of the basketball court. We don't see Ben in here, so she must have just decided to do this on her own. But it must drive Ben crazy knowing she likes to be outside and looks so good doing so.

Gonzalez is wearing a white sports bra, black short shorts and white sneakers. She is showing off her muscles after what looks like finishing a grueling hike. She even has a smile on her face knowing what she just accomplished. It isn't crossing up somebody from USC or Kentucky, but it definitely is something to be proud of. Plus, look at how good she looks. Her looks in this photo alone are enough for Ben to be driven crazy.

5 Looking Good for the Brother's Wedding

A wedding day for a family member is one of the best days of the year. Two people share their love for each other for the rest of their lives and everybody gets dressed up for the wonderful occasion. Dylan Gonzalez decided to bedazzle us once again for her older brother's wedding day. Ben at least knows he has one of the most beautiful dates for these types of functions.

She definitely loves her family as seen by her caption on this particular Instagram post. A woman who loves and deeply appreciates her family is something that all men should look for. Simmons doesn't have to look any further for that as he found the beautiful, athletic, caring woman all in one.

4 Ben Hopes to See You Too

Dylan Gonzalez has worked hard at everything she does. Think about everything she has accomplished in her young life so far. She has played Division I basketball, completed her college degree, and is now a rapper and model while dating one of the NBA's most talented young players. Her modeling career definitely takes a lot of talent and hard work, but both of those attributes show in this next photo.

In this particular photo, she is wearing a black lacy long sleeved shirt with white underwear underneath. She definitely has the face of a model that is confident in everything she does. Her legs show nicely in this photo, proving that the weight room does wonders if you keep at it and make improvements throughout time. Simmons is a lucky man, that is for sure.

3 Ben Got on that Starting Team

Sometimes, you have to do whatever it takes possible to make certain teams. This goes from the younger levels of basketball all the way up to the NBA. In her next Instagram post, Dylan Gonzalez talks about what it takes to be a part of her "team". She made the team once at UNLV, now she is making her own rules for her own team.

We see the lovely Gonzalez wearing red underwear with a white hat and her jeans slightly sagging. She is looking very good while she was looking for people to fill out her "starting five". Ben Simmons must have done something right as he is working his way into the starting lineup with the Philadelphia 76ers and working his way into Dylan Gonzalez's starting five as well. What's the secret, Ben?

2 She Got it Done on the Court and in the Classroom

You know, I really don't make a habit of talking about myself, but this right here, I did that. I am less than 20% of 1% with this college degree that I worked so hard for and throughout my career have been in the top percentile academically. Thank you to all my loved ones, my university, and God. This is truly a blessing 🙏🏽❤️

A post shared by Dylan Gonzalez (@miss_dyl) on May 12, 2017 at 1:12pm PDT

The road to a college degree can be tough for some. They have to deal with financial situations, social situations, family situations, etc. Some that even start the process don't necessarily finish it. In Dylan Gonzalez's case, she did finish and get her college degree. She also did a great job of looking beautiful receiving her degree.

Being smart is a very attractive quality, for both sides. With her multicolored dress and celebrating the fact that she got her degree, Gonzalez looks really good doing it. It also sends a shoutout to UNLV athletics for shaping her into the woman she will be after her time there was completed. Ben must love the fact that he has a girl that is that beautiful, very caring, and incredibly smart is an automatic "slam dunk".

1 You Listening, Ben?

The last photo of Ben Simmons girlfriend, Dylan Gonzalez, that will drive him nuts is a simple beach picture. We haven't shown much of Gonzalez in a swimsuit, so we figured this would be an appropriate place to insert it. Whether it is playing basketball, going on romantic dates, or simply going to the beach; Dylan Gonzalez can look good at a moment's notice. That is no different in this final photo.

Gonzalez is at the beach while on her knees in the sand. She is wearing a black UNLV short sleeved shirt, which does a great job of showing off her stomach, and black Nike short shorts. The other funny part about this photo is the caption which says, "Bae... I'm watching you". Obvious at the time, this wasn't meant for Ben Simmons. But, it definitely could have been a foreshadowing of things to come. Overall, Ben Simmons has a bright future with both the 76ers and Dylan Gonzalez.

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Dylan Gonzalez photos

Dylan Gonzalez photos

Dylan Gonzalez photos

Dylan Gonzalez photos

Dylan Gonzalez photos

Dylan Gonzalez photos

Dylan Gonzalez photos

Dylan Gonzalez photos