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London Mistress Scarlett Thorne – About Me


My name is Scarlett Thorne, AKA Charlotte Jones though you may choose to call Me Mistress.

Princess of Perversions – Temptress to the Twisted

Let Me take you over…..

YOUTH – BEAUTY – EXPERIENCE – With facilities to match 

Join Me in My perverse and fabulous world for exclusive fun and frolics!


Text / SMS : 07910 47 66 39 – NO CALLS accepted without advance texts introducing yourself!

BEWARE once you prick yourself on My thorns you may not recover…


Welcome to My website. I am a London based British Dominatrix, with skill and beauty far beyond anything you will have encountered before. I have been brutalising boys and dressing sissy sluts since My late teens in Central London, meaning I now have over a decade of Domination under My tiny clinched belt!

I am 5’ 7” of stunning beauty, with waist length naturally curly dark red hair. I have a 36E, 24, 38 figure.

I have eyes that will hold any stare of rapture and a voice that can soothe your deepest aches and then break your heart and mind into pieces.

I am a countryside enthusiast, believer in corporal punishment, committed academic, lover of the British Empire and I am kinky, over sexed and get a kick out of controlling, dressing up and abusing men. I sound very, very English, though support Wales during the rugby.

I am generally as wild and unruly as My long curly red hair and aim to not only provide new experiences for the kinky thrill seeker but also to ensure a discreet, safe and clean environment for U/us to have fun in.

It is My ability to be very strict, very firm and extremely ruthless that has served Me well through My years feminising and Dominating men, however most of My sissy maids and crossdressing girls describe Me as kind, understanding and above all – fun!

I have a wild and endless sense of Dominant joy and possess an inquisitive mind that is always searching for My next adventure.  If you would like to be My next adventure, read on…

For the convenience of those accessing My site on mobile devices I have included extensive information on this ‘About Me’ page which you can simply scroll down through to get a sense of the adventures we could have together. If you are convinced that we should meet then please do also click around My site to find out detailed information on all aspects of the deviant fun and total Domination that I can provide.

Domination isn’t just work for Me, please be mindful of that.

It is My vocation AND My hobby, not just My occupation.

My commitment to you is that I will be your Dominatrix for an hour or for a lifetime as you freely choose, if I should decide to meet with you and W/we get along.

I fully understand and do not underestimate what it is to be a Mistress and to be Dominatrix, in the true sense of the meaning that is :  ‘Owner’.

To OWN something comes with the responsibilities of Ownership and whether I OWN you for an hour or forever I give you My assurance of discretion, care and competent responsibility whilst you are in My presence and beyond.



My urge to Dominate and emasculate men is what gets Me out of bed every morning and makes Me go to bed at night with a sadistic and satisfied smile on My face.

I am usually available on weekdays during the afternoon and evening to abuse, use and dress you up for My pleasure. Hopeful new kinky friends are advised to apply at least a few days in advance to attempt to secure an initial session. 

With the discerning kinky gentleman I enjoy a wide variety of fantasy, fetish and roleplay scenarios.   I offer you the opportunity to either step momentarily into My world of kink and frilly fun for a brief, highly charged encounter or, if you prefer, you may submerge yourself in My Dominance and submit yourself to Me, totally.



What I offer

I offer sessions from the most gentle tie and tease to the most perverse of unmentionables…  I love to have fun and never rush.

I offer and enjoy ALL aspects of BDSM from My amazingly well equipped PERSONAL PRIVATE CHAMBERS in a discreet luxury location close to two Zone One tube stations.  I also specialise in OWNING sissy sluts, maid training and crossdressing boys into girls and then doing dirty, kinky things to them for My amusement.

I welcome applications from mature and discerning gentlemen of the kinky persuasion, sissy crossdressers, tranny sluts and also enthusiastic tranny admirers hoping to join in some fun under My guidance.

I offer sessions from the gentle and sensual to the EXTREME and I have an extensive makeover wardrobe as well as a FULLY equipped private dungeon in Central London, W2.

I am a well educated, well spoken, well respected, DISCREET Dominatrix and have established a reputation for  being one of London’s top young Dommes and most elusive kinky companions. When visiting Me you can be assured of total discretion and a safe, sane and consensual encounter with an intelligent, thoughtful and content Dominatrix.

I have the advantages of YOUTH, BEAUTY and EXPERIENCE and My deepest wish is for you to submit yourself to My Dominance.

I am London’s original ‘English Redhead’, top ‘young’ Dominatrix, top rated fetish escort, seductive companion and an elusive, erotic kinky Mistress.  Alongside My extensive academic pursuits, I have dedicated My whole adult life to the ownership, sissification and feminisation of men. I enjoy the company of mature individuals who are not just in a rush for a sexual kick but who are looking for genuine fetish companionship and erotic fun.

I have a perverse sense of humour, a wild imagination and as wide a selection of BDSM and crossdressing items as you could ever hope to find in Central London.



My PRIVATE Dungeon, Boudoir and Chambers London W2


I am the Proprietress of My very own private and exclusive  BDSM DUNGEON  and the fabulous ‘TrannyFlat’ of Central London. I am the Ruler of My very Own debauched Queendom…

My facilities are multi-roomed and for My own exclusive use.  My whole life is geared towards satisfying My insatiable urge to emasculate, humiliate, feminise and dominate men but I also have a passion for BDSM that I explore through the acquisition and utilisation of exquisite kinky BDSM dungeon equipment for slaves, crossdressers, kinksters and bondage lovers alike.

My facilities are secure, discreet and situated just three minutes from the tube station.  I believe they are some of the best equipped BDSM dungeon facilities in Central London, as My own obsession with collecting BDSM equipment has lead to Me owning some of the best kinky furniture available anywhere in the world.

My world runs on Scarlett Time so there is never any rush or hurry, unless I say so, and there is always time to talk and discuss O/our mutual interests in everything fun, deviant and perverse.

You can of course, be assured of total discretion and security when in My company.  I am available in London by appointment and available for hotel, home and international visits by arrangement.

I often visit Edinburgh (I used to have a small dungeon in the City Centre) so please do get in touch if you’d like to meet up when I am visiting Scotland, though My primary base in Central London, W2.





Get in touch

If you’re looking for an experienced, young, beautiful and intelligent Dominatrix, fetish escort or kinky companion with a sense of humour and an understanding of what it is that you really need then text (SMS) Me on 07910 47 66 39 and W/we can go from there.  PLEASE include any time that IS NOT suitable to text you back and ensure you HAVE READ MY WHOLE SITE before you get in touch!

I love the company of mature, educated, interesting, submissive men especially crossdressers and tranny girls. Whether you like bondage, crossdressing, Mistress worship or simply fetish friendly company then please look at My list of PERVERSIONS and see if W/we would get along.  

PLEASE NOTE : I do not see playthings / men under the age of 35 unless they require sissy training or crossdressing services.  This is because I believe all men under the age of 35 are sissy boys whose little clits are out of control.  I believe men under 35 are yet to mature into fully fledged toys and are unable to commit themselves to serving a Woman and should therefore learn to BE a woman before they try serving one. 

Here is a BLOG on this particular subject to help you better understand. It is called ‘Mistress says man up or girl up!’

If your clit is STILL out of control and you are OVER 35 I suggest you get in touch urgently… 

Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with My tribute requirements that start at £200 for an unhurried hour in London W2. The full guidance on My tribute requests can be found HERE.

Whether you submit yourself for an hour or a lifetime, you will be like a butterfly emerging from your cocoon in My presence. You will become who you are meant to be with My guidance.   You will learn to worship Me.   You will learn to obey Me.   You will learn to please Me.

You will learn that in time even you can improve yourself.

I will improve you.


Mistress Scarlett Thorne


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Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos

Dani Thorne photos