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Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor - Female

WINNER - Danielle Cormack (Wentworth, season 2: SoHo) 

Celia Ireland (Wentworth, season 2: SoHo)

Nicole da Silva (Wentworth, season 2: SoHo)

Toni Collette (Devil’s Playground: showcase)

Pamela Rabe (Wentworth, season 2: SoHo)


Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor – Male

WINNER - Andrew McFarlane (Devil’s Playground: showcase) 

Aaron Jeffery (Wentworth, season 2: SoHo)

Don Hany (Devil’s Playground: showcase)

Simon Burke (Devil’s Playground: showcase)

Robbie Magasiva (Wentworth, season 2: SoHo)


Most Outstanding Presenter – Female

WINNER - Kelli Underwood (Back Page LIVE, Breaking Ground: FOX SPORTS) 

Naomi Sequeira (Hanging With Adam and Naomi: Disney Channel)

Nina Stevens (First Edition: SKY NEWS)

Shaynna Blaze (Selling Houses Australia: The LifeStyle Channel)

Tara Rushton (Sunday Shootout: FOX SPORTS)


Most Outstanding Presenter – Male

WINNER - Paul Murray (Paul Murray LIVE: SKY NEWS) 

Danny Clayton (The Riff: Channel [V]) 

Charlie Albone (Selling Houses Australia: The LifeStyle Channel)

Andrew Winter (Selling Houses Australia: The LifeStyle Channel)

Eddie McGuire (Ed and Derm’s Big Week In Footy: FOX FOOTY)


Most Outstanding New Talent

WINNER - Phyllis Foundis (Foundis: Aurora TV) 

Morgan Evans (CMC)

Jarin Towney (Devil’s Playground: showcase)


Most Outstanding Performance by a Broadcast Journalist

WINNER - David Speers (PM Agenda, The Nation: SKY NEWS) 

Kieran Gilbert (AM Agenda: SKY NEWS)

Celina Edmonds (SKY NEWS)

Ahron Young (SKY NEWS) 



Most Outstanding Drama – Australian

WINNER - Wentworth (season 2: SoHo) 

Devil’s Playground (showcase)


Most Outstanding Drama – International

WINNER - Game of Thrones (season 4: showcase)

Gracepoint (Universal Channel)

The Walking Dead (Channel FX)

The Honourable Woman (BBC First)

Peaky Blinders (BBC First)


Most Outstanding Children’s Program

WINNER - Monster Beach (Cartoon Network)

Adventure Time (Cartoon Network)

Disney Cup International (Disney XD)

Camp Orange: Force 10 (Luke and Wyatt: Nickelodeon)


Most Outstanding Music Program

WINNER - SLIMEFEST (Nickelodeon) 

5 Seconds of Summer LI[V]E: Q & HEY! (5 Seconds of Summer, Billy Russell, Danny Clayton: [V] HITS)

The Molly Meldrum Story (Molly Meldrum: MAX)


Most Outstanding Sports Program


The Code – The Road To The Final (Adelaide Thunderbirds Netball Team: FOX SPORTS) 

NRL Super Saturday (FOX SPORTS)

Search4Hurt (ESPN)


Most Outstanding News Program

WINNER - Paul Murray LIVE (Paul Murray: SKY NEWS National) 

PM Agenda (David Speers: SKY NEWS National)

Richo + Jones (Graham Richardson, Alan Jones: SKY NEWS National) 

News Stream (Kristie Lu Stout: CNN International)

Witness to Umbrella Movement (Kristie Lu Stout, Andrew Stevens, Ivan Watson, Will Ripley, Salma Mohsin, Paula Newton: CNN International)


Most Outstanding Reality Program

WINNER - The Recruit (season 1: FOX8) 

Gold Rush (Discovery Channel)

Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel)

Outback Coroner (crime + investigation)

The Real Housewives of Melbourne (season 1: Arena)


Most Outstanding Factual Program

WINNER - Hillsborough (ESPN) 

The Memorial: Beyond The Anzac Legend (Neil Oliver: HISTORY)

Coast Australia (Neil Oliver: HISTORY)

Louis Theroux: LA Stories (Louis Theroux: BBC Knowledge)


Most Outstanding Lifestyle Program

WINNER - Paddock to Plate (Matt Moran: The LifeStyle Channel)

River Cottage Australia (Paul West: The LifeStyle Channel)

Grand Designs Australia (Peter Maddison: The LifeStyle Channel)

Selling Houses Australia (Andrew Winter, Shaynna Blaze, Charlie Albone: The LifeStyle Channel)


Most Outstanding General Entertainment Program

WINNER - Top Gear (BBC Knowledge) 

Oprah: Where are they now? (Oprah Winfrey: TLC) 


Channel Achievement Award

WINNER - Arena 

SKY NEWS Business

SKY NEWS Weather 


MTV Networks Australia


Channel Of The Year 


Discovery Channel




The LifeStyle Channel

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